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How Not to Maintain an Election

I put this under Non-Football, although it is somewhat football related.  Not necessarily Vikings-related, unfortunately.

As you've probably heard, Al Franken. . .who was last seen hosting a program on Air America Radio that had, literally, tens of listeners. . .is running for a Senate seat in the state of Minnesota as a Democrat.  Which would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that, prior to his candidacy, I think you could probably count all the times Al Franken had ever so much as been to Minnesota on one hand.  And you'd probably have a finger or two left over.

Yesterday, I made reference to Republican Presidential candidate Sam Brownback making a stop in Wisconsin and referring to Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all time.  (See, I told you we'd get back around to football eventually.)  Well, Mr. Franken was making a speech in Milwaukee yesterday, and made the following statement:

He opened his comments with a jab at Sen. Sam Brownback, the Kansas Republican who committed a gaffe at the state Republican Party convention Friday in Lake Geneva. In an analogy emphasizing the need to rebuild the family, Brownback overlooked the local hero when he referred to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning as perhaps the greatest in NFL history.

Franken scored immediate points with the Wisconsin crowd by granting that title to Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

"One of the, no, the greatest quarterback ever," Franken said of Favre, drawing raucous applause. "And I say that as a Vikings fan."

To repeat my opening point, Franken is running for a senate seat in the state of Minnesota.  Now, I don't particularly care for Al Franken's politics.  He was part of a USO show when I was over in Bosnia just after 9/11 (not that anyone remembers him being there, because Jessica Simpson was there as well), and he's a funny guy.  I harbor no real animosity towards the man, to be honest.

Having said that. . .not a smart move, Mr. Franken.  Short of stepping to the podium and actually wiping your ass with a Fran Tarkenton throwback jersey, you've probably ticked off a sizeable portion of the electorate as much as you can tick them off.  Surely someone on your campaign staff must have told you at some point that people from Wisconsin aren't eligible to vote in Minnesota's elections.

That's really about all.  I thought we all probably just needed a good laugh on Hump Day.