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Have I mentioned recently that I hate this part of the football "year?"  Because I do.  Between that and the ton of stuff that I'm doing with the day job, there hasn't been a whole lot to keep everyone updated on.

I'm waiting for Ned Macey to get back to me with the questions I sent him on Friday.  Of course, he might have already done so and the questions are sitting in my work e-mail. . .in which case I won't get them up here until Tuesday at the earliest. has started their own football blog called Hashmarks.  The man in charge of it is Mike Mosely.  Feel free to go over there, talk nice to the man, and name-drop our humble little site here a few dozen times.

In actual Vikings news, our other seventh-round pick, WR Chandler Williams, has been inked to a contract according to Kevin Seifert at the Star-Tribune's Vikings blog.  So hey, all of our seventh-round picks are signed and ready to go!

Also, the S-T's Vikings blog has updates from the OTAs for your very much viewing pleasure.  Oh, and be sure to check out a few new Vikings blogs on the block:

Vikings Frenzy
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The Viking Age

Count Adam Schein of Fox Sports among those who will receive very little mockery from me this year when the Vikings are much better than everyone thinks they're going to be.

Yet, there is some legit optimism in Minnesota.

Mind you, not optimism for a spot in the playoffs in 2007. But the Vikings had a great draft, have a young quarterback who oozes talent and leadership, have the right coaches to maximize him, and are welcoming back some important young talent on defense.

Adrian Peterson is going to be a super star with his blend of power and speed.

So Schein thinks that the Vikings are going in the right direction.  Good. . .very good.  But wait, it gets better!

Now for the record, I believe in Tarvaris Jackson. I was saying forever that the Vikings were not in the quarterback business in the NFL draft, a fact confirmed by head coach Brad Childress on the phone after the Vikes picked Peterson and never considered Brady Quinn. Jackson has a lot of talent and upside and can be a great quarterback in the NFL. He'll be coached up brilliantly by Childress and Kevin Rogers, two coaches who were very influential in prepping Donovan McNabb at Philadelphia and Syracuse, respectively.

Richardson tells a great story about Jackson's leadership qualities. Last preseason, Jackson gets in with the first team during a game. The veterans are joking around in the huddle. The first year quarterback screams at the team, "This is my huddle -- shut up and pay attention." That went a long way with the guys in the locker room.

Awesome. . .I knew there was something I liked loved about this Jackson fella.

That's all for now, folks. . .my next update will probably have more to do with a certain NFL story that I'm sure you're sick to death of hearing about already.  Which one is that?  Well, if I told you, you'd probably just ignore it, and that's not right at all.  

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend, and be sure to take a minute to remember all the folks that made the ultimate sacrifice to make this the greatest damn place in the world to live.