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The Man. . .The Myth. . .

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Will over at Hogs Haven came up with an idea for a post that I'll be ripping off borrowing from in the near future about the wonders of EBay.  Will was depressed about getting outbid for a Sage Rosenfels rookie card.

Well, Sage Rosenfels is one thing. . .but he's not this guy.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. . .you, too, can be the proud owner of an autographed Bucky Scribner 1990 Score football card for the low "Buy It Now" Price of $2.99 (+$2.00 S/H).  Yes, it costs almost as much to ship as it does to purchase the card.


Granted, it's not as cool as a purse that's shaped like some chick's ass (follow the link above to Hogs Haven), but it's still relatively cool.

More EBay wonders to come in the near future.  I just thought I'd share this one with everyone before it disappears from EBay.