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Mini-Camp Tidbits

The Vikings started their first camp of the off-season today, with over 50 rookies showing up in Minneapolis for the workouts.  There are a couple of different articles out there this morning with some tidbits of information about what happened yesterday.  I won't copy and paste the entire article, but just put some of the more interesting (to me) things out there. . .you can get the rest of the info from the links.

The first one comes to us from KFAN-AM in Minneapolis.

-Coach Childress surprisingly mentioned that maybe the most polished receiver of the bunch was Chandler Williams who made several highlight reel grabs, one in particular on the sideline falling out of bounds and dragging the feet.

So, basically, as of now. . .the most polished WR we have is a guy from Florida International that we spent the last pick of our draft on?  I don't anticipate that lasting for very long, but maybe Williams will be a nice surprise.

The article also speaks highly of Martin Nance, who I'm a big fan of as well.

-Vikings fans should really excited about the prospect of having Cedric Griffin and Marcus McCauley on the edges for years to come.  The two of them are really perfectly suited to play in the cover-2 and don't be surprised if you see quite a bit of Antoine Winfield in the slot to take advantage of his ability to blitz now that the team has to big, physical corners to man the outside.

McCauley also mentioned to us that he'll be getting his degree in scoiology in two weeks as the first person in his family to graduate from college, so a big congrats to him on that.

You know, I hadn't thought of this before now.  Winfield IS a pretty good blitzer, but didn't get a whole lot of chances to do it last season because he was always out on the edges.  If McCauley can step up the way I think he's capable of, it would be HUGE for this defense.

The other article comes from the Star-Tribune, and is more or less centered on Adrian Peterson and what Kevin Seifert calls "The Most Famous Collarbone in Minnesota."

Hopefully we'll have more later on today, folks.