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Return of the 'Toine!

Ladies and gentlemen, the crisis has been averted. . .#26 WILL be back working out with the team at the OTA's that will commence on Monday.

Cornerback Antoine Winfield agreed to attend the team's final offseason workouts this week, a symbolic gesture that signaled a friendly accord with coach Brad Childress. Winfield was not available for comment, but agent Ashanti Webb said Childress established a consistent dialogue -- through phone calls, text messages and face-to-face meetings -- to help Winfield reach a comfort level.

Hey, Childress is communicating with the players now!  From some of the things that were said about him last year, that's gotta make people happy.

So now the #1 cornerback in football (according to one pre-season magazine) is happy, healthy, and back in the fold again for the Purple.  Can't complain about that.

And hey. . .it's less than 54 days until the Vikings' first pre-season game against St. Louis.  That's practically right around the corner!