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Suspensions and How They Affect Us

There are a couple of league suspensions. . .one already announced, one pending. . .that could have a profound effect on our beloved Purple in 2007.

We'll start with the already announced, as Chicago Bears' resident low-life Tank Johnson was hit with an 8-game suspension by Commissioner Roger "The Executioner" Goodell.  The suspension could be reduced to 6 games with good behavior, but it won't be any shorter than 6.

What does this mean to us?  Even if Johnson's suspension is shortened to 6 games, the Vikings won't be seeing him when the teams meet at Soldier Field on 14 October, as that's Chicago's sixth game of the season.  In fact, Johnson will miss half of the Bears' games against division foes in 2007, as Chicago has road trips to Detroit and Green Bay before hosting the Vikings.

As far as the Johnson suspension, it seems about right, length-wise.  Some people will say that his "time served" should be taken into account.  I wonder if those same people will take into account that he was afforded the privilege (and it was a privilege, not a right) of getting on a plane to go to Miami for Super Bowl XLI. . .which, quite frankly, was re-f***ing-diculous in and of itself.

The other potential suspension has to do with how the league handles the Michael Vick situation.  Even if the league only suspends Vick for a game or two (which is the popular rumor), it affects us.  Why?  Well, because we open the season by hosting the Falcons, of course.  If Vick can't go, the Vikings get to welcome back their old pal Joey Harrington. . .who has a) never won at the Metrodome, and b) has only beaten the Vikings once overall.  That win came last year when he was in Miami, and was due more to Brad Johnson's sheer incompetence (as most of last year's Vikings losses were) than it can be attributed to Joey Harrington's awesome performance.

Should Vick be suspended?  If they can connect him to the kind of things that have been alleged, he certainly should be.  Can't do anything without the evidence, though. . .anyone that's ever watched Law & Order can tell you that.  We'll have to keep an eye on how it all develops.

The best part?  No Vikings suspensions yet, and none looming on the horizon.

Next time on The Daily Norseman, Gonzo picks up two new NFL pre-season rags. . .both of whom have the same outlook on the Purple as the first one he picked up.  What will the reaction be?  Stay tuned to find out!