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An Actual Moment of Clarity from Peter King

First off, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the latest installment of the Small Market Roundtable this week hosted by Big Blue Shoe over at Stampede Blue.  This week's topic is one that should be near and dear to most Vikings fans, that being "Free Agent Attraction to Big Market Cities."  Head on over and check it out.

Second of all, we've got a new link under the heading of "Vikings Sites." Everyone head on over to and check out their stash of Vikings' memorabilia. They've got a ton of cool stuff on their site, and just looking at it brings back quite a few memories.

So, in reference to the title, this is something I meant to mention a few weeks back when King's original story came out, but I had forgotten about it until now.  In his Monday Morning Quarterback column dated 14 May, King gave us the following tip in his "Ten Things I Think I Think" section:

8. I think it might be worth a few minutes tonight, if you can tear yourself away from Cavs-Nets or Marlins-Pirates, to catch a few snaps of the Chicago-Dallas Arena game. It's the best two teams in the league (they're a combined 17-2), and there's an intriguing player in the game -- 6-3, 220-pound Chicago receiver Bobby Sippio, who might engender a small bidding war (very small) between NFL teams at the end of the Arena season in July. He's a big receiver, obviously, not just the typical Arena smurf, and he's on pace to catch 71 touchdowns. I have no idea what that means in the real world, but in Arenaball, it'd be an all-time record. The game's on ESPN2 at 8:30 Eastern.

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Rush

Now, having become a bit of an Arena Football fan myself (and seriously considering trying to get tickets to Arena Bowl XXI in New Orleans. . .yes, Arena Football has been around for 21 years), I actually really think the Vikings should get in on this guy.  Like King said, he's a big target, and the man really knows how to get open. . .you don't rack up 41 TDs in 14 games in any league (even the Arena Football League) without some serious ability to get open.  He's got decent speed and VERY good hands as well.  I think he'd make a very good possession/move the chains type receiver at the NFL level.

Sippio was actually signed as an undrafted free agent by the Miami Dolphins after he graduated from Western Kentucky in 2004, so he's at least gotten a taste of the NFL.  I know that I mentioned the other day that we have a real logjam at the WR spot, but I think Sippio is at least as talented as most of the guys we're currently auditioning.  Hopefully after Chicago's season ends, someone from the Vikings will be on the horn to this guy trying to get him to Minneapolis to at least take a look at him.