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Come On, Baby, Finnish What You Started


(Is there such a thing as a bad Van Halen reference? I think not.)

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The Vikings will carry offensive lineman Seppo Evwaraye, a native of Finland, on their practice squad this season as part of an NFL program to promote international interest in the game.

Evwaraye started seven games this spring for Cologne of NFL Europa. The Vikings will receive a practice squad exemption as part of the program, giving them a total of nine players on the squad this season as long as Evwaraye is one of them.

Yes. . .the Vikings' practice squad now contains a player from Finland.  Pretty cool little program by the NFL, in my opinion.  His name is apparently pronounced SEP-oh Ev-vwah-AYE-yea.

As you can tell by the picture to the right there, Evwaraye played his college ball at the University of Nebraska, where he played right tackle for the Cornhuskers for most of the 2005 season.  According to his bio at, he was an Honorable Mention on the 2005 All Big-12 team, and a second-teamer on the All Big-12 Academic Team.

And that concludes pretty much everything I can tell you about Seppo Evwaraye.

Stay tuned here to find out what, if anything, the Vikings did in today's NFL Supplemental Draft.  I haven't seen anything on any of the major sites yet, but I'm sure something will be out there sooner rather than later.

Update [2007-7-10 15:8:14 by Gonzo]:

Yeah, I might be retarded. The Supplemental draft is Thursday, not today. I apologize for the confusion, but I'd assume you were all better informed than I was on this.