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Vikings Pass on Supplemental Draft

Two players got selected in the NFL Supplemental Draft today. . .unfortunately, neither of them were selected by the beloved Purple.

I talked about the Vikings possibly being in the mix for Maryland offensive tackle Jared Gaither, but according to what happened today, Gaither wasn't even the first player selected during today's proceedings.  The San Diego Chargers selected Georgia cornerback Paul Oliver by bidding a fourth-round selection on him, while Gaither went to the Baltimore Ravens with a fifth-round bid.

Frankly, those are pretty good selections for both of those teams, and I'm disappointed that the Vikings didn't seem to be that interested in Gaither after all.  For the price of a fifth-round pick, he certainly would have been worth taking a chance on, in my opinion.

So, barring a possible Kelly Holcomb trade, it doesn't look like we're going to see any significant roster action for the Vikings between now and when Training Camp starts. . .which just happens to be TWO WEEKS from tomorrow!