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Full Vikings Pre-Season Broadcast Schedule

The NFL Network has released the dates that they'll be broadcasting all of this year's NFL pre-season action, so now those of us that live outside the Vikings' regular broadcast area know when we can catch the Vikings on television.

Here's the whole slate (all times Central):

Pre-season Game #1 vs. St. Louis
Game actually played:  Friday, 10 August, 7 PM
Game re-broadcast on NFL Network:  Saturday, 11 August, 9 AM

Pre-season Game #2 at New York Jets
Game actually played:  Friday, 17 August, 7 PM
Game re-broadcast on NFL Network:  N/A. . .game will be the Fox nationally featured game of the night and won't be re-broadcast on NFL Network

Pre-season Game #3 at Seattle
Game actually played:  Saturday, 25 August, 8 PM
Game re-broadcast on NFL Network:  Sunday, 26 August, Midnight (damn, that's some quick turn-around)

Pre-season Game #4 vs. Dallas
Game actually played:  Thursday, 30 August, 7 PM
Game re-broadcast on NFL Network:  Saturday, 1 September, 4 PM

I'll do pre-season game threads the same way I did them last season. . .one thread while the game is going on live (for those of you in the Vikings' broadcast area and/or glued to an audio feed somewhere like I will be), and one when the game is being re-broadcast on the NFL Network when everybody can see it.

There you have it, folks. . .start planning your nights!