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Real Men of Genius

(Done with the appropriate background music, natch.)

The Daily Norseman presents. . .Real Men of Genius.

Real Men of Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeniuuuuuuus

Today, we salute you. . .Mr. Detroit Lions President and CEO Guy

Mr. DetroitLionsPresidentandCEOOOOOOO Guy!

We've long admired your tenacity. . .your sense of humor. . .and your ability to work the NFL Draft

We NEED another receiver

But you've outdone yourself on this one, sir. . .signing Cory Redding to a contract like that was, truly, a stroke of brilliance.

Who the hell is Cory Redding?

Forty-nine million dollars over seven years. . .not bad for a guy that's the second-best defensive tackle on his own team.

He sure ain't no Shaun Rogers

So we salute you, Mr. Detroit Lions President and CEO Guy. . .thank you for doing the impossible. . .making Kevin Williams look like a bargain in every sense of the word.

Mr. Detroit Lions President and CEOOOOOOOOO Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Gonzo Brewing Company, Gautier, Mississippi. . .please sign players responsibly
Seriously, does anyone outside of Detroit think this is a good idea?  If Cory Redding is worth the same salary as Steve Hutchinson (which is exactly what he got from the Lions). . .well, there's good news and bad news.

The good news?  Imagine how much Tommie Harris is going to want from the McCheapskate family when it comes time for him to re-up with the Bears in a season or two.

The bad news?  Pat Williams' price tag just went up. . .and, apparently, Phat Pat knows it.

"Cory Redding is a very good football player, but this just shows market averages have escalated to a level unprecedented in [contract] negotiations," said Pat Williams' agent, Angelo Wright. Wright confirmed he has had "cursory" discussions about a new contract for Pat Williams this offseason but declined to get into specifics.

Damn it.

I know we probably have the cap space to bring Phat Pat back and allow him to retire as a Viking. . .but this throws the entire market out of whack.  When Kevin Williams signed the contract last year that made him the highest-paid DT in the league, it was for 5 years and just over $33 million.  Redding's contract blows that away.  Pat Williams is also regarded as, possibly, the best run-stopping DT in the NFL. . .Cory Redding has had one productive year in four NFL seasons.  Fortunately for him, he timed it extremely well.

We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out, I guess.