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Vikings Sign Two More Draft Picks

Ah, training camp must be a-comin', because the Vikings are finally starting to sign their draft picks.

Caught up in all the Michael Vick hoopla of yesterday was the fact that the Vikings signed WR Aundrae Allison, their fifth-round pick, to a four-year contract.  Allison got a $180,000 signing bonus and will make a base salary of $275,000 this year.

Today, the Vikings moved one step up the ladder and inked their fourth-round pick, DL Brian Robison, to a four-year deal.  Robison received a signing bonus of $482,000 and will get $285,000 in 2007.

That leaves first-round pick Adrian Peterson, second-round selection Sidney Rice, and third-rounder Marcus McCauley as the only unsigned picks for the beloved Purple.  There's no reason to think that they won't all be at Winter Park when camp begins a week from Friday.