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Announcing the First Annual Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League!

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That's right, folks. . .the big announcement is that the first ever Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League will be coming to an interweb near you in the not-so-distant future!

Maybe not an Earth-shattering announcement, but I still think it's pretty cool.

There will be 11 open spots (making a 12-team league, counting myself).  I think if a league gets any bigger than that, the talent gets too watered down, so that's the number we're going with.  A brief FAQ about the league.

1)  Do I have to be a Vikings' fan to be a part of the DN FFL?

-Damn right you do.  I'm not sending a fabulous prize to someone that doesn't cheer for the beloved Purple.  That would just be crazy.

2)  Okay, so. . .hey, wait, did you say "prize?"

-Why, I most certainly did.

3)  What will that prize be?

-I'm looking at a couple of different options.  Possibly a jersey, possibly a Fathead, possibly an NFL Shop gift certificate. . .I'm not sure.  But rest assured, it won't be a crappy prize.

4)  But what if. . .heh. . .what if. . .YOU, Gonzo, actually win?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA right!

-Should I win, then I'll get the satisfaction of knowing that I did layeth the smacketh down upon 11 fans of the greatest team in the NFL.  And it isn't as far-fetched a concept as it sounds.  Shut up.

5)  So how much is it going to cost me?

-Nothing.  For you, the fan, this is completely free.  I thought about going with a pay service, but ultimately decided against it.  So, the league is going to be hosted by either ESPN or Yahoo!. . .I haven't decided which yet.

6)  Anything else I need to know before I sign up?

-A few things. . .

First off, you must be willing to either a) attend a live draft or b) set up a list so the CPU can draft a competitive team for you.  I don't want someone coming to me the day after the draft and complaining that their team sucks because the CPU drafted for them.  This isn't a me problem. . .it's a you problem.  If you can't make the live draft, you'll have plenty of time to compile your list.

You also have to be a registered member of the site.  Members only. . .it's not just for jackets any more.

So, I'll be taking applications from now until the end of the week.  Feel free to send an e-mail to (remove the "Keep Your Spam" part) with the following information.

Site Handle:
E-mail address:
A sentence or two about why you want to be in the Daily Norseman's Fantasy Football League:

I'll set about contacting the folks that will be in the league over the weekend after I've looked through everything.

So there's your announcement. . .everyone can sleep soundly this evening now.  (-:

Continue enjoying your Monday as much as a Monday can be enjoyed, folks!