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Phat Pat Stops Negotiations

Lots of stuff to get to from camp today, both good news and bad news.  Let's hit the bad news first.

(Does anyone ever take the good news first?  Seriously?  I've never heard anyone do it when presented with the two options.  But I digress.)

Angelo Wright, the agent for DT Pat Williams, has said that negotiations on a new contract have broken off and that #94 will be testing the free agent waters next season.  This according to both Access Vikings (Star-Tribune) and Vikings Now (St. Paul Pioneer Press).  Links to both of those sites can be found over on the right-hand margin there.  They've both also got reports from the practices that were held today, so hit them up for that, too.

Anybody that's been reading this site for a while knows that I loves me some Pat Williams.  Why wouldn't I, what with him being the best run-stopping tackle in the NFL and everything?  I hate seeing this happen.  I know he's going to turn 35 in October, but the man's still getting it done. . .and hey, if Ted Washington can keep playing at a high level until age 82 (or however old he is now), there's no reason to think that Phat Pat can't do the same.

I'd say that this was Matt Millen's fault, what with the recent Cory Redding extension and everything, but that would be giving Millen credit for having enough intelligence to be diabolical.  Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

But there was happier news today. . .what was it?  Stay tuned!