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Vikings' Programming Alert

The NFL Network will be broadcasting a replay of a Vikings' game from the past tomorrow. . .and, for what I believe is a first in NFL Network history, the game in question is NOT the 1998 NFC Championship Game.  Honestly, I'm surprised that they still have the tape from that game at their disposal, considering they've aired it approximately twice a day since the network hit the airwaves.

But no, this game is a regular season clash from 1994 between the beloved Purple and the Chicago Bears.  The date on the game is 1 December 1994.  I won't go through the results here, but I'll just say that it's a game that Viking fans will enjoy watching.  Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't shown the Bears/Vikings game at the Dome from 1992 that featured Mike Ditka nearly killing Jim Harbaugh on the Bears' sideline.  Eh, maybe we'll get that in the future.

The game will air at 7 PM Central time on the NFL Network, which is Channel 212 on your DirecTV box.  Not entirely sure what it is on the various cable systems throughout the country.