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John Clayton Is Trying to Get Fired

Why do I say that?  Check out this portion from piece on Vikings' training camp for

He was particularly affected by blitzes. The extra pressure got his feet moving too quickly, so he didn't connect with receivers consistently. On some of the longer passes, he didn't get enough air on the throw. Understand this, though. Jackson is doing well for a second-year quarterback who wasn't even sure as he entered his senior year in college that he was going to be drafted.

I'm not sure but. . .I think. . .maybe. . .possibly. . .

Yep, John Clayton just said something positive about Tarvaris Jackson.

Doesn't he know what kind of trouble this can get him in?  Did he not get the memo that says that he's supposed to base Jackson's 2007 season and, verily, his entire NFL career on the two whole starts he got at the end of 2006?  Is he totally unaware that the entire community of NFL experts has already dismissed the Vikings for 2007 based on them having a terrible quarterback?

Who the hell does John Clayton think he is, anyway?

Seriously, folks. . .after looking at the Pro Football Prospectus for the first time over the weekend (and something I'll get more in depth with when my copy actually arrives rather than just thumbing through it at the local Barnes & Noble), they're projecting Tarvaris Jackson to have 16 TD passes, 16 INT, and just a shade under 3,400 yards passing.

Compare that to last year, when Captain Checkdown put up 2750 yards, 9 TDs and 15 INTs.  I don't know about you, but I'll trade one more INT for 7 more TD passes without thinking twice.  Hell, how many Vikings' games last year could have ended differently if we would have had a QB that was average, which is what PFP is projecting Jackson to be this year?  Judging by the fact that we lost 6 games by less than a TD in 2006, I think those 7 extra touchdowns could have made a difference.

Kudos to you, Mr. Clayton!