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Deja Ru

Bad news coming from Winter Park, according to the Star-Tribune.

Rookie linebacker Rufus Alexander, the Vikings' fifth-round draft choice and a rising special teams star, could be lost for the season after suffering a serious injury to his right knee in the Vikings' 13-10 preseason loss to St. Louis.

Coach Brad Childress said the injury would be re-evaluated today. But Alexander, who suffered the injury while covering a kick in the third quarter, likely suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He declined to comment.

Well. . .to borrow a line from noted American philosopher Ned Flanders, this suck-diddily-ucks.  The word out of camp has been that he was performing quite well as a special teams player, and was a sleeper to steal some time at LB, but it doesn't look like that's going to be the case.  Not this year, anyway.

No other injuries of any real significance happened last night.  Mike Doss got his bell rung, but should be fine.

Oh, and can someone tap the good folks from the S-T on the shoulder and tell them that Alexander was Minnesota's sixth-round pick, not their fifth?  Seriously. . .they should have a whole research department for stuff like this, shouldn't they?