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First Fantasy Draft of the Year Completed

Well, it's that time of year. . .and tonight we had the draft for the Great Northern aPaFL, my first FFL draft of the year.  Maybe someday I'll regale everyone with the story of the Thread aPa. . .but not today.

So, here's how my draft went.  14-team league, and I selected #2 overall.  Snake draft format, natch.

Round 1 - Steven Jackson, RB, St. Louis
Round 2 - Carnell Williams, RB, Tampa Bay
Round 3 - Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona
Round 4 - Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit
Round 5 - Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seattle
Round 6 - Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco
Round 7 - Ladell Betts, RB, Washington
Round 8 - Jay Cutler, QB, Denver
Round 9 - Joe Horn, WR, Atlanta
Round 10 - Carolina defense
Round 11 - David Akers, K, Philadelphia
Round 12 - Brandon Jones, WR, Tennessee
Round 13 - Priest Holmes, RB, Kansas City
Round 14 - Bobby Wade, WR, Minnesota
Round 15 - Daunte Culpepper, QB, Oakland

Can you tell that I really put zero prep time into this draft?  Because I did.

I think I got pretty decent starters, but overall I'm not terribly pleased with my team.  And don't worry, DN FFL participants. . .I'll be much better prepared come Friday night.  Bow down when Gonzo comes to your town.

Update [2007-8-12 21:30:52 by Gonzo]:

The full draft results can be found here when Yahoo! gets them fixed. My team was the Westward Ho Ho-Hos. (All the teams had to be Canada-based in nature. Hence the names.)