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SBNSR Tonight, Featuring. . .Me!

BigBlueShoe is back in the "studio" after spending two weeks traveling all over the country. He saw Peyton Manning up close, chatted with Colts fans, hung out in an English pub in Santa Monica, and ate a burrito the size of his forearm off 24th and Mission in San Francisco. But while away doing all these things, he missed his buddy TheSportsGuru and the SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of SB Nation!

Who is on tonight?
Barry finally hit the ball out for the 756th time. Listen to how TheSportsGuru thinks breaking the homerun record is more a tribute to Hank Aaron than anything else.

Also, we continue our NFL preview hitting up the NFC North tonight. Yes, last week we said AFC North, but when Gonzo of Daily Norseman practically begged us to have him on and preview the NFC North tonight, we couldn't refuse. That, and he sold us his next born child. Guru and I plan to name the baby Peyton Elway regardless of the child's sex.

What else will we cram into an hour?
We'll recap the pre-season games, and our thoughts on how certain players responded to their new teams.

Is it BYOB?
Never, ever order a "Sweety Mexican" at a bar for two reasons: 1) Because ordering a drink by that name makes you sound like a schmuck, and 2) the drink is a shot of tequilla with mayo sweared around the rim. The SBNSR suggests a more traditional drink, like a glass of chilled Patron. You'll get further with the ladies. Trust us. We know from experience. Chicks don't dig dudes who mix tequilla with whipped eggs.

If you want to hear how BigBlueShoe sounds after drinking chilled Patron, tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, on the SB Nation Sports Report at Now!
For the record, no children were sold in the creation of this podcast.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen anyway.