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Vikings Looking to Potentially Waste Roster Spot

"Yeah. . .Turd Ferguson.  It's funny. . .it's a funny name."

In an attempt to, in all likelihood, de-solidify their WR corps, the Vikings brought former Green Bay wide receiver Robert "Turd" Ferguson in for a workout.

Why, God. . .why?

Since being drafted in 2001, Robert Ferguson has played in 60 of a possible 96 games.  He's averaged less than 20 catches a season (116 catches in 6 years), including a blistering 5 catches for 31 yards in 2006.  In addition, he hasn't shown any real appreciable talent during the time he's been on the field.  He has one career 100-yard receiving game (back in '02 against, ironically, the Vikings), and has never had more than 520 receiving yards in a season.

If the Vikings are under the impression that this guy can possibly help their receiving corps, then the WRs must have looked absolutely atrocious during the two weeks of Training Camp.  I'd rather give shots and reps to guys like Martin Nance and Aundrae Allison than possibly having to sacrifice one of them for the sake of adding Robert Ferguson to the roster.  We don't know what we've got in guys like Nance or Allison. . .but we DO know that Robert Ferguson is pretty much worthless.  Frankly, if he's not good enough for the Packers, there's no way in hell he should be good enough for us.

(Yes, I know that Ryan Longwell and Darren Sharper are former Packers. . .the difference being that those two players actually have some talent.)

So please, Vikings front office. . .don't do it.  Don't waste any money on this guy. . .hell, don't even waste any paper drawing up a contract for him.  He's not necessary.