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Vikings @ Seahawks, Open Thread

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks
Qwest Field
Seattle, Washington

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th F
Vikings 0 10 3 0 13
Seahawks 6 10 7 7 30

Game 3 of the pre-season, folks. . .and as Redd Foxx was fond of saying, "This is the big one." The third pre-season game is the one where the starters are generally given the most time and things are a bit less "vanilla" than the other pre-season games. If I had to guess, I'd have to think that the Vikings will play their starters for at least a half tonight, and possibly part of the third quarter as well.

Also, unless I misinterpreted their schedule, the game starts at 8 PM Central, should get over by 11 PM (or so) Central. . .and will then immediately be on the NFL Network for a re-broadcast at midnight Central. That's what my DirecTV box is showing anyway. That's some pretty amazing turnaround right there. I don't know how psyched I am at staying up until 3 AM to watch the beloved Purple, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I suffer for YOU, ladies and gentlemen.

Continue enjoying your weekend, ladies and gentlemen, and SKOL VIKES!!