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Seahawks/Vikings Replay on NFLN

Just a heads-up for everyone that couldn't catch the replay of the Vikings' third pre-season game at midnight the other night.  If you have access to the NFL Network this morning, it's going to be on in approximately 40 minutes (9 AM Central).

Really, that's all.  In lieu of any actual content, here's one of those funny videos that all the kids are talking about.

Update [2007-8-27 11:11:26 by Gonzo]:

And, in true NFL Network fashion, pretty much everything from the beginning of the second quarter onwards has been pre-empted by the Michael Vick guilty plea and the coverage thereof.

Damn it.

Update [2007-8-27 11:25:54 by Gonzo]:

The game will apparently be rebroadcast AGAIN at 1:30 PM Central on Thursday. Might make a nice lead-in to the game against Dallas.