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(Less Than) Twenty-Four, Twenty-Four Hours to Go

Yes, folks. . .the countdown clock shows a big, fat goose egg next to the word "days," so we're a little less than 22 hours away from having Vikings football on the field for the first time since 31 December 06.  How great is that?

Van Ram and I from Turf Show Times have each sent each other questions about the opposing team tomorrow night.  As soon as I receive his responses to my questions, I'll be posting them here, and he'll be posting my responses to his questions over at TST.  Some of the topics that were touched on are. . .

-The Vikings' QB situation
-Pre-season positional battles
-What we'll be looking for this pre-season

And much more, including the obligatory Love Boat joke.  It must truly be football season.

What were my responses?  Keep checking out Turf Show Times to find out!