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The Cuts Are Done! The Cuts Are Done!

Access Vikings appears to have the rest of the Vikings' cuts to get themselves down to 53.  Those cuts are as follows:

S Greg Blue
DT Conrad Bolston
WR Jason Carter
CB Devonte Edwards
LB David Herron
CB Chad Johnson
WR Martin Nance
RB Artose Pinner
DE Khreem Smith
QB Tyler Thigpen
WR Chandler Williams

A couple of interesting cuts here.  Some observations:

-Our RB corps now consists of three HBs (Chester Taylor, Mewelde Moore, and 2007 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson) and three FBs (Tony Richardson, Jeff Dugan, and Naufahu Tahi).  I certainly hope that we're looking at some of the other cuts out there, because the prospect of going into the season with only 3 HBs is a little scary at best.

-Tank Williams over Greg Blue, eh?  I thought Blue had played pretty well this pre-season, while I really didn't see a whole lot from Williams.  Blue will stick somewhere. . .shame that it won't be in Minnesota.

-Ronyell Whitaker over Devonte Edwards?  I don't think I like that at all.  Not after watching Whitaker get his ass kicked on numerous occasions in 2006.  According to the Access Vikings post, Edwards and his agent are pissed, too.

More on this when the final roster is released. . .I'm curious to see what other moves the beloved Purple makes after all the final cuts throughout the league are complete.