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DN Fantasy Football Updates

The first week of fantasy football is in the books, and I managed to go 1-1 in games that are pertinent to the website in some way.

In the Official DN Fantasy Football League, I lost a close one to Rev Vike's Sons of Bishops by the final tally of 78.98 to 76.68. (When I saw the final score, I DID say "Son of" something. . .it wasn't "Bishops.")  Had I started Jay Cutler at quarterback instead of Matt Leinart, I could have pulled out the victory, but that's the way the fantasy ball bounces sometimes.  Next up for the Great Gonzos is a tussle with Camp Norway, who was the highest-scoring losing team in the league this week.

However, I made up for my performance in that league with a complete thrashing of Acme Packing Company in the SBNation NFC Fantasy League.  Buoyed by a strong effort from the Vikings defense and supporting contributions from Marshawn Lynch and Santonio Holmes, and the fact that APC actually had players in his starting lineup that play for the Green Bay Packers, we rolled to a 105-78 victory.  This Sunday, DN will be stomping a mudhole in another division rival. . .this time it will be the folks from Windy City Gridiron.  Based on the lineups that are currently set, DN enters the game as a 1-point underdog. . .but we shall overcome that, ladies and gentlemen, and sit atop the Black and Blue Division of the SBNNC after this coming week's action.