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Former Giant George Martin Doing a Great Thing

George Martin, a former New York Giants' defensive lineman George Martin has started on what he's calling A Journey for 9-11.  This looks like a really outstanding cause.

Martin started that journey today. . .his goal is to walk from New York City to San Francisco.  That's a journey of right around 3,600 miles or so.  Martin is attempting to raise $10 million to help people that have respiratory problems and other health maladies as a result of the attacks of September 11th.  If you go to the website, there are links for making donations, how you can volunteer to help out, and even a link to track exactly where Mr. Martin is on his walk.

He hopes to have the trip completed in about 4 months.  That means he's going to get to some pretty nasty winter weather places in the November/December time frame.  But I know that I'll be backing him every step of the way.

You're a good man, George Martin.  Here's wishing you nothing but the utmost success in your journey.