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The Weekly DN Fantasy Football Update

Well, another week has come and gone in the world of Fantasy Football, and both of my teams continued along the track they started out on in Week 1.

In the official Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League, the Great Gonzos made a valiant effort, but couldn't notch a W against Camp Norway, falling by the final score of 94.70 to 90.86.  The big mistake this week was, in my infinte wisdom, benching Cadillac Williams when I saw he was "questionable."  Two touchdowns later, and the only thing that's "questionable" is my judgment.  The Gonzos will attempt to get off of the proverbial schnide next week against whodat. . .the team that just happens to be #1 in the league at the moment.  Yeah, good luck to me with that.

However, in the SBN National Conference League, I DID deliver the promised ass-whomping of the folks from Windy City Gridiron by a final tally of 105-83, thanks to a largely balanced attack that saw five different players reach double figures, led once again by a Minnesota defense that put up a 20-point performance.  Next week, DN attempts to complete the divisional sweep against the folks from Pride of Detroit, a team that currently sits at 0-2 and has scored the fewest points in the league through the first two weeks.