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Do the Eagles Want to Get Thiggy With It?

According to Kevin Seifert at the Star-Tribune, the Philadelphia Eagles have been looking at claiming QB Tyler Thigpen off of waivers after QB A.J. Feeley broke his hand in the pre-season finale.

The Vikings are trying to sneak QB Tyler Thigpen through waivers and onto their practice squad, but coach Brad Childress said this morning that Philadelphia is poking around Thigpen as a possible emergency replacement for backup A.J. Feeley, who broke his left hand in the Eagles' preseason finale.

Teams will find out the results of waiver claims this afternoon.

"They'd be within their rights to do it," Childress said during his appearance on WCCO-AM's Softballs with Sid. "[But] I'd be sick."

Childress also said he spoke with New England coach Bill Belichick this morning about a player the Patriots waived yesterday. Belichick apparently was threatening to claim one of the Vikings' potential practice squad players unless Childress agreed not to claim the unnamed Patriot. Childress said he told Belichick that the Vikings really want his player.

I'm hoping that the Eagles don't grab him and allow him to fit into the Vikings' practice squad.  I've been looking at the Patriots' cut list from yesterday trying to figure out who this player is that Childress wants so badly.  The list of guys cut by New England yesterday can be found here.

Looking at that list. . .the names that stand out as players the Vikes might want are TE Garrett Mills (we DO only have 2 TEs on the roster, if you count Dugan as a FB and not a TE), or one of the four WRs that the Patriots cut (Kelvin Kight, C.J. Jones, Chris Dunlap, or Bam Childress).  But someone the Vikings "really want?"  The mind boggles at the moment.

Here's hoping we find out more later this afternoon.

And, from the minute I started typing this entry, we are exactly one week. . .seven days. . .168 hours. . .from real, honest-to-God, regular season NFL football in Minnesota.  Can you feel it, people?  I can sure as hell feel it.