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And the Vikings' Starting Quarterback IS. . .

Ummmmmm, well, we don't know yet.

Neither do the Vikings.  Well, Brad Childress knows, but he hasn't told anybody yet.  But according to Vikings Now, he's planning on telling the team just before they leave for Kansas City tomorrow.

But one thing that we can be relatively sure of is that the starting quarterback will NOT be Tarvaris Jackson.  On the official injury report that was published today, Jackson was listed as "doubtful" with his strained groin.  That means he'll probably be the #3 quarterback tomorrow and be inactive.  As a result, Access Vikings is reporting that Kelly Holcomb and Brooks Bollinger have been splitting snaps in practice the last couple of days.  Holcomb is rumored to be the favorite to start, but who Brad Childress will actually go with is anybody's guess.

As far as the complete Vikings' injury report, it looks like this:

QB Tarvaris Jackson (groin)
FB Tony Richardson (forearm)

S Darren Sharper (hip)
S Dwight Smith (hamstring)
RB Chester Taylor (hip)
WR Troy Williamson (hamstring)

S Mike Doss (calf)

If for some reason Smith can't go on Sunday. . .and it sounds like the chances of Smith playing are less than the chances of Sharper playing. . .then having Doss back and available will be huge.  Williamson's injury may mean only having 4 WRs active again (Wade, Allison, Ferguson, and Rice).  Not that this presents a lot of problems for us, because that should leave us room for 3 HBs and 2.5 FBs (depending on how you count Jim Kleinsasser) against a team we should be pounding the ball against anyway.

Kansas City's official injury report looks like this:

WR Eddie Kennison (hamstring)

T Damon McIntosh (knee)
S Jon McGraw (hamstring)

Yes. . .significantly smaller than Minnesota's, isn't it?  Ah, well. . .injuries happen.  Just have to overcome them.

And, in a final bit of humor, Larry Johnson has told the Kansas City media that he wants to carry the ball 40 times against the Vikings on Sunday.  Now, I don't know if Herm Edwards reads this site. . .and there's really a pretty good chance that he doesn't. . .but if he does, let me say this:

Mr. Edwards, please. . .PLEASE let Larry Johnson carry the ball 40 times on Sunday.  Also, if at all possible, run all 40 of those carries right at the law firm of Williams & Williams.  It would be very nice of you to help us out in this manner.  I would love to see if Larry Johnson could be the first runner in NFL history to get 40 carries in a game and still not break 100 yards rushing.

Coming later tonight, or early tomorrow, how we match up with the Chiefs, and 5 Good Questions with our SBNation Chiefs blogger at Arrowhead Pride.