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Five Good Questions with Arrowhead Pride

In this week's installment of 5 Good Questions, we're visiting with Chris, the head blogger over at Arrowhead Pride.

1)  It appears as though both of our teams have the potential for a quarterback controversy in the coming weeks.  With Brodie Croyle certain to become the starter in Kansas City sooner rather than later, how long do you think the Chiefs should stick with Damon Huard?

I'm a loud Croyle supporter over at Arrowhead Pride. I believe that because the Chiefs are not Super Bowl contenders this year (Laugh if you will) that we should be developing or at least seeing what we've got with Brodie Croyle. Damon Huard has looked pretty average in the first two games of the regular season after not really playing much in the preseason. I give Damon Huard this week to show us why we shouldn't throw the label "career backup" on him and put Croyle in.

2)  The Vikings and Chiefs spent a couple of practice sessions this pre-season scrimmaging against one another.  How much effect, if any, do you think this will have on either team?

I've read a few quotes about this from Herm Edwards and I agree with him that I don't think it really matters. Preseason scrimmages in no way reflect a regular season game. That goes all the way down to the actual players on the field to the play calling.  I'm sure both head coaches were smart enough to not show the other their hand this past August.  

3)  With Larry Johnson still sort of getting into football shape, how do you think he'll fare against a very good Minnesota run defense?

Unfortunately for the Vikings, this week should be the week that Larry Johnson is back to full speed. Herm Edwards and LJ both admitted it would take some time and before the season both mentioned Week 3 or Week 4 as the time that Larry would be getting his full reps. The Minnesota run defense scares me frankly and with LJ being a bust-through-the-middle, hard hitting runner, we may see some problems. The Chiefs fan in me though says this is the week LJ will get his first 100 yard game of the season.

4)  Who are a couple of Kansas City players that Viking fans probably haven't heard of that you think will have a big role in the outcome of Sunday's game?

Dwayne Bowe, our rookie wide receiver who you've probably heard of, will be worth keeping an eye on. He had one fantastic TD catch last week and had another, even better TD catch, called back because of an illegal shift. We also have former Arena League star WR Bobby Sippio. Sippio hasn't seen any action this season and was only signed during the preseason but he's gained on a quasi-mythical reputation in KC after catching 53 TDs last season for the Chicago Rush.

On the defensive side, DE Jared Allen is back from his 2 game suspension. He is a KC favorite and has 27.5 sacks over the last three seasons. Kelly Holcomb/Tavaris Jackson will be seeing a lot of Jared Allen. We also have a fantastic DE on the other side, Tamba Hali. Hali is a second year guy out of Penn State. Originally from Liberia, he has Pro Bowl potential as well.

5)  What's your prediction for this weekend's game?  

I think this is the week that the Chiefs have an offensive explosion. There has been too much criticism of our play calling to do anything but air it out. There will be slow spurts punctuated by a few big plays. 23 to 17, Chiefs.

Chris has sent me some questions as well, and he'll be posting the responses on Arrowhead Pride sometime today. I'll be sure to link to them here when they're up.

Update [2007-9-22 14:27:44 by Gonzo]:

That link I mentioned? Right here, folks.