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I Get Mail. . .from Morons

Post-game stuff from yesterday coming up in a bit, but I thought I'd share this nugget of wisdom from a cowardly, gutless piece of garbage.  I encourage everyone to contact him at

LOL I love your prediction for the Charger Packer game.
And I love that the queens lost to the second worst team in the league.
They owe you one.

You know how I know you're a moron?  When you refer to the beloved Purple as the "Queens."  I'd say this guy was a second grade-level intellect, but that would be insulting to second graders everywhere.

Amazing that the Packer fans are finally showing themselves.  I don't recall seeing many of them last year. . .or the year before that, quite frankly.  Yes, it looks like the Packers (or maybe I should use Pacqueers LOL!!!!11!ONE!!ELEVEN!!. . .wait, I'm not eight years old) might make the playoffs this year.  In case anyone from the wrong side of the river has forgotten, let's review what happened the last time the Pack found themselves in the post-season against an allegedly inferior opponent:

In a related story, Joe Buck still needs to shut his mouth.

Post-game stuff coming in a bit.  Continue enjoying your Monday, and don't forget to take a moment at some point today and thank whatever you believe in that your parents raised you to know better than to be a Packer fan.