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Sunday is Chuck Foreman Day

With all the hoopla over Captain Overrated this week, what's been lost is the fact that a true, honest-to-God all-time great will have his own ceremony this Sunday in Minneapolis.

At halftime of Sunday's game, the Vikings will induct Chuck Foreman into the team's Ring of Honor.  Foreman is, in my opinion, the greatest running back in Vikings history, and ranks either first or second in every major Vikings' rushing category.

In conjunction with the ceremony on Sunday, there's an event at the Mall of America on Saturday where you can meet Mr. Foreman and some other all-time Viking greats.  More details on that can be found at the link above.

The Vikings will also be wearing "throwback" uniforms on Sunday of a mid 1970's vintage.  In the six seasons during the mid/late 70s when Chuck Foreman was the Vikings' primary running back, the Vikings had a 10-1-1 record against Green Bay.  Here's hoping that Mr. Foreman's presence at the Dome on Sunday will bring the good karma Minnesota's way.

If you want to see the Foreman ceremony, however, I assume you'll have to be at the Metrodome for it.  Color me cynical if you wish, but I've got a sneaky feeling that Fox can't be bothered to show someone getting honored that actually deserves it.