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Are You Kidding Me?

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Plan for 421

Although the Vikings are hoping it doesn't happen Sunday, the team -- as well as the Packers and NFL -- have been making plans for how to acknowledge the moment when Favre throws his record-setting touchdown pass.

Details continued to be hashed out Thursday, but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in an e-mail that "the teams were given permission to stop the game in order to recognize Brett if he sets the record."

Viewers at home should see any type of celebration as well. A Fox spokesman said, "We will definitely cover the moment in its entirety and then go to [commercial] break."

If the record DOES happen to fall this weekend, I have the perfect place for it to be celebrated.  How about on the Packers' team plane on the way back from Minneapolis?  Honestly. . .expecting the Vikings to stop a game in their stadium in order to honor an accomplishment by one of their biggest rivals is ludicrous.  In 10 or 12 years or so when Adrian Peterson is challenging the career rushing yardage or rushing TD marks. . .work with me here, people. . .and it comes to the point where he can set said record at Lambeau Field, do you think the NFL will be so gung ho about stopping the game and having some big ceremony for him?

If something like that could be placed on an injury report, it would be listed as "doubtful."  And it would only be listed as "doubtful" because there isn't a category on the injury report for "not bloody likely."

So if the interception record goes down this weekend, are the Vikings expected to stop the game and have a big ol' ceremony/celebration for that, too?  Or would that be "classless" and "uncalled for?"  Considering the player being honored, something "classless" would be far more appropriate than a real celebration.  Hell, maybe the Vikings could fly in every player that's ever intercepted Favre and give them keys to the city.  I guess that's the sort of thing that really classy organizations do.

The Vikings should tell the league to cram their celebration.  They can have it in one of the tailgate lots after the game or on the trip home or something.  That's the sort of exposure it deserves.