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Saturday Quick Picks

Just a quick post for this afternoon. . .my wife and I are going to a local establishment to celebrate my birthday (belatedly. . .it was on Wednesday) when she gets finished with work, so I'm just going to toss my picks for this week up here.  I think I'm also going to stop going with the spread thing and just pick the games straight up because. . .well, because I don't know if I'm doing the "against the spread" thing correctly or not.

I'll be sure to post my overall record with next week's more detailed picks, too.  I can't believe that we waited all this time for the season to start, and after this week's game, it's going to be 1/4 of the way over already.

Anyway, here's this week's lineup. . .my picks are in bold.

Houston at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cleveland
Oakland at Miami
Chicago at Detroit
New York Jets at Buffalo
St. Louis at Dallas
Seattle at San Francisco
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Kansas City at San Diego
Denver at Indianapolis
Pittsburgh at Arizona
Philadelphia at New York Giants
New England at Cincinnati

Looks like a good week to be a road team in the NFL.  Will that trend continue with my pick for the Vikings/Packers game?  Not bloody li. . .er, stay tuned to find out!

Keep enjoying your weekend, all!