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Same Ol' Story, Same Ol' Song and Dance

Well, the Vikings have once again lost a completely winnable game, and all I can do is sit here and shake my head.

For starters, we got to watch the poster boy for white trash everywhere break a record that he'll simply be keeping warm until Peyton Manning feels like destroying it.

Second of all, I flip to the Oakland/Miami game, and notice that some guy named Daunte Culpepper scored FIVE OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWNS this afternoon.  Do you know how many offensive touchdowns the Vikings have in four games?  FOUR!  That's how many.

But beyond all that. . .there's the dealing with the reality that our head coach is an idiot.  Want proof?  Allow me to illustrate:

Adrian Peterson at halftime - 11 carries, 108 yards
Adrian Peterson's final numbers - 12 carries, 112 yards

To translate:

Adrian Peterson had over 100 yards and was averaging nearly 10 yards a carry at halftime, and was rewarded by getting 1 carry for 4 yards in the second half.

Words can not POSSIBLY express what I feel about Brad Childress right now.

But I'll try later on.

Attempt to continue enjoying your Sunday, folks.