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Vikings/Falcons Injury Report

While the Vikings are relatively healthy going into tomorrow's game (yes, we're a little more than 24 hours away), the same can't be said of the guys we'll be lining up against.

Here's the current Vikings' injury report:

S Mike Doss (calf)

WR Robert Ferguson (ankle)

LB Vinny Ciurciu (hand)
LB E.J. Henderson (illness)
DE Darrion Scott (shoulder)
WR Bobby Wade (ankle)
S Tank Williams (calf)

I hope that Doss gets himself right sooner rather than later.  He'd be a huge boost to an already talented secondary if he can get himself on the field.  Also, this is part of why I was against the Robert Ferguson signing.  Sure, the guy's got physical talent and size and all that. . .he's also as reliable as a '73 AMC Gremlin.

But our injury report looks pretty darn good compared with that of our opponents:

DT Rod Coleman (knee)
S Chris Crocker (knee)

DT Grady Jackson (back)

After rumors earlier in the week that TE Alge Crumpler might not play, he's not even listed on the injury report, but he's still ailing none the less.

But the two big names that are currently on the Falcons' injury report are DTs Rod Coleman and Grady Jackson.  Vikings fans are familiar with Jackson from his time up in Green Bay, and know that when he's healthy, he's a pretty good run stopper.  Not at the level of a Pat Williams or anything, but then. . .hey, who is?  But Jackson's NOT healthy, and might not even play.

As good as Grady Jackson is against the run, Rod Coleman is just as good against the pass.  He leads all NFL interior linemen in sacks over the past 4 seasons, and is a terror in the middle in every passing situation.  But he's already been ruled out for this week's game, with second-year pro Jonathan Babineaux getting the start in his place.

The absence of Coleman and the ailments of Jackson SHOULD be a huge advantage for a Vikings' team that's going to want to pound the run early and often on Sunday.  I, personally, would rather have both teams at full strength and go at it heads-up, but unfortunately that kind of thing really can't be controlled in the NFL.

Second-year DB Jimmy Williams will get the start in Crocker's place at safety on Sunday as well.

It's getting closer, folks. . .hopefully there will be one more post here before the Open Thread/Prediction tomorrow morning.  Continue enjoying your weekend, folks!