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Bills' Kevin Everett in Emergency Surgery

Our friends over at Buffalo Rumblings are keeping a close eye on backup TE Kevin Everett, as he undergoes emergency surgery on his spine this evening.

For those of you that missed it, Everett was covering a kickoff in the Bills' game against the Denver Broncos this afternoon.  Everett collided helmet-to-helmet with a Denver player, and crumpled to the Ralph Wilson Stadium turf.  He was unresponsive and paralyzed, and was rushed to a Buffalo-area hospital for surgery.

It's being reported that his condition IS life-threatening.  If I get any further updates before I go to bed, I'll post them here.

We here at The Daily Norseman are sending our thoughts and prayers to our Buffalo brethren in this dark time of theirs.  Feel free to stop by Buffalo Rumblings and let them know that we're with them.

Update [2007-9-9 22:4:32 by Gonzo]:

NBC just said during their halftime show that Everett is out of surgery and in the ICU. They didn't mention his condition or anything like that that I was able to hear.

Update [2007-9-10 10:26:27 by Gonzo]:

Everett's agent has told ESPN that Kevin Everett does have limited feeling and movement in his fingers and toes. Very positive and encouraging sign.