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A Fun Little QB Comparison

Okay. . .after hours minutes of research, I've constructed this little comparison between a few quarterbacks from the 2006 NFL Draft.

  Games Starts Comp Att Comp % Yards TD INT Rating Win %
Quarterback A 17 16 272 489 56.0 3,194 13 16 70.9 .438 (7-9)
Quarterback B 30 28 422 739 57.1 4,745 21 30 69.0 .607 (17-11)
Quarterback C 16 14 218 375 58.1 2,386 11 16 69.0 .571 (8-6)

For winning %, I counted each quarterback's starts, not every game they appeared in.

Very similar, yes?  As I said, all three of these quarterbacks were selected in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Two of these quarterbacks are regarded as two of the better young players at their position in the league.  The third is dismissed by many as a scrub that's lucky to be on an NFL roster.

One of these three quarterbacks won a Heisman Trophy in college.  Two of them won National Championships.  The other is "never going to make it in the NFL" because he went to a I-AA school and was allegedly drafted much sooner than he should have been.

The media never misses an opportunity to kiss the butt of two of these quarterbacks, and never misses an opportunity to mock or rip the other one.

I'm sure most of you have figured these out by now, but here's the answers anyway.

Quarterback A is Matt Leinart of the Arizona Cardinals.  A guy that's spent his short career throwing his passes in the direction of a couple of guys named Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

Quarterback B is Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans.  This past season, Young threw nearly twice as many interceptions as touchdown passes (9 TD/17 INT), and went a full calendar month without throwing a touchdown pass.

Quarterback C is Tarvaris Jackson.  He has the best completion rate of any QB listed above, despite having what might be the worst receiving corps in the NFL this past season, and is right in between Young and Leinart in terms of winning percentage.

Now. . .can someone explain to me why Leinart and Young are considered great, young quarterbacks of the future and the Vikings should cut Tarvaris Jackson at the first available opportunity?