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2007 All-Pro Teams Announced; Vikings Well-Represented

The Associated Press announced their 2007 NFL All-Pro teams a few days ago, and the Vikings have six players dispersed between the first and second teams.  Here are the members of the Beloved Purple that were named to the teams:

First Team All-Pros
G Steve Hutchinson
DT Kevin Williams

Secont Team All-Pros
RB Adrian Peterson
FB Tony Richardson
DT Pat Williams
S Darren Sharper

Hey, aren't all those guys going to the Pro Bowl in a few weeks?  I do believe that they are, yes.  Congratulations to all of the players that were recognized for their achievements this season.

I also apologize for the relative dearth of posting for the last few days.  I've had some work-related stuff to worry about, including studying for my promotion test in early February, and there's not a whole lot of Vikings-related stuff happening at the moment, but business will hopefully be picking up here again soon.

Have a good Friday, ladies and gentlemen.