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Vikings NOT Among Candidates to Play Overseas in 2008

At least, according to a Buccaneers' blog on  (Link found via

The Bucs have confirmed they are one of four teams to have been approached by the NFL about possibly playing in the United Kingdom this fall, an opportunity Tampa Bay would welcome.


The other candidates, according to ESPN, are the Saints, Chiefs and Seahawks.

Well, I was afraid that the Vikings might be a candidate to get shipped over to the UK, what with them having difficulty in selling games out for a stretch this season and stuff like that. From the other information that can be found, it doesn't appear as though the Saints will be losing their home game against the Beloved Purple next season. . .a game yours truly fully plans on attending. How do I know this? Read on. has been told that one of those four teams will be the home team, and that the game will feature one team from each conference.  From that, they've deduced that the matchup will be one of the following games:


The BEST game on that list would probably be Patriots/Seahawks, but I don't think there's much chance of the NFL shipping the (potential) Super Bowl Champions to the other side of the pond for a football game.

If it's going to be one of the combinations of teams listed above, I'm going to put my money on Chargers/Saints.  It would be a game that, in all likelihood, would involve a lot of points being put up, and would feature two teams with a whole lot of talent.

The league is going to make the announcement of which two teams will be participating in the game on the Friday before the Super Bowl.