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Sunday Random Vikings News Links

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While you're enjoying the playoffs, I'm slaving away here to find Vikings-related stories to bring you. . .and also enjoying the playoffs.  (Seriously, my TV is about 5 feet away.)

-Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will be interviewing with the Dolphins on Monday to satisfy Rooney Rule requirements about their head coaching job.

Also from that article, a few members of the Beloved Purple will be having some form of off-season surgery.  Those players are DT Pat Williams (presumably after his Pro Bowl trip), CB Antoine Winfield, WR Bobby Wade, DE Jayme Mitchell, and OT Bryant McKinnie.

In addition, the Vikings have signed all six members of their practice squad to contracts.  Those players are G Brian Daniels, WR Joel Filani, WR Martin Nance, WR Justin Surrency, CB Dee McCann, and RB Arkee Whitlock.

-Vikings' DB coach Joe Woods has also interviewed with the Detroit Lions, but has decided not to leave for that job because. . .well, it's Detroit, that's why.

-Jim Souhan, as per usual, is all sunshine and lollipops about the current state of the Beloved Purple.

-Patrick Reusse, on the other hand, agrees with me about our quarterback situation.  Seriously, trying to start over with a new QB again next year would be dumb.

-Sean Jensen starts looking forward to Minnesota's off-season.

-USA Today has named their Vikings MVP for 2007. . .and it's not who you probably think it is.

-Mr. Cheer or Die is back in form, with live blogs and a podcast for your viewing and listening pleasure.

-The folks over at PV's Sports Toothache are looking at the wild card round, and have added Jim Souhan and Tom Powers to their "dead to me" list.

-The Ragnarok is analyzing possible solutions to Minnesota's quarterback "problem" (for those of you that think we actually have one).

-Vikes Geek is lamenting (surprise, surprise) the Vikings' fate, as well as contemplating what to do with the Minnesota Timberwolves.  (Yes, Minnesota has an NBA team.  Don't worry, I had completely forgotten, too.)

That's all for now, folks. . .enjoy the late game (since the Bucs/Giants game is now over. . .now I'm 2/3 in my playoff picks), and we'll see you again very soon.