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FREE Draft Guide Available

Well, since it's time for the Vikings to start looking towards the draft, what better place to start than a guide with the low, low price of. . .FREE?

Yes, Matt Miller. . .the man who runs SBNation's draft site, Mocking the Draft and the president of New Era Scouting. . .has made available to one and all a MASSIVE draft guide in .pdf format.

The number of players that are profiled in this guide exceeds one metric assload. . .and for those of you that aren't familiar with the metric system, I'll just assure you that that's a lot.  They're broken down by position, underclassmen that could potentially declare are profiled, and all sorts of good information about everyone that could potentially be selected in the 2008 NFL Draft.

In case you haven't seen the order yet, the Vikings will select 17th.  Two other NFC North rivals pick in close proximity to the Vikings, with the Bears selecting 14th and the Lions selecting 15th.  With the Lions' propensity for picking wide receivers. . .and that being a big position of need for the Beloved Purple. . .this could be bad for Minnesota.

Actual Vikings' stuff tomorrow, folks. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!