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New Functionality at The Daily Norseman

There are a lot of Vikings discussion forums on the internet, and they range from the outstanding (like the good folks from and the good folks at Talk Vikes) to festering piles of garbage (such as Purple Thoughts, which I won't even bother linking to).

Well, how happy would you be if I told you that the good folks from the SBNation Tech Team. . .the best damn tech team in sports websites today, if I haven't mentioned that before. . .were getting ready to introduce a function to the site that would give you the feel of a message board with absolutely zero douchebaggery?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you that such functionality is coming soon. . .because I can tell you that it's already here!

Yes, all you need to do in order to access this new functionality is to go to your favorite web browser and type in  This will create a FanPost, just as it usually would, but it will now show nothing but the FanPosts in a message board-style format.  The FanPosts will show up on the main page as well, but the message board style should make it a bit easier to carry on a discussion with your fellow fans of the Beloved Purple.

And you can use this functionality with any of the numerous great SBNation sites.  All you need to do is add /fanposts to the end of the URL, and you'll be chatting with your fellow sports fans on any site in the SBNation family.  Take advantage of it at all your favorite Minnesota team sites. . .like Twinkie Town. . .Canis Hoopus. . .Hockey Wilderness. . .and The Daily Gopher.

I'm going to effort to get something up here later on this evening, and apologize in advance if I do not.  I'll be fielding questions from the folks at Canal Street Chronicles this week in advance of the Monday Night tilt in New Orleans, and Saintsational, the head blogger over there, will be making his way over here, so feel free to come up with some good Saints-related questions to ask him.