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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Update: The King is Dead

The 2008 Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League is turning out to be a real barn-burner, as nine of the 12 teams currently sport records of .500 or better, and the league's last undefeated team finally went down this past weekend.

Yes, the reign of terror of UBB's Bombers has officially come to an end in an exciting duel against the Packers Suck, owned by defending league champion chadly0102.  And it, literally, doesn't get any closer than this.  Packers Suck pulled out an incredible victory by the final score of 84.3 - 84.25.  Each team could have made a roster move to give their teams more points, but in the end, the Bombers just didn't have enough on the field to stay undefeated all season.  Of course, now the Bombers have bigger problems to worry about, as they've lost #1 QB Tony Romo for the next few weeks.

The next closest game of the week involved two of the week's three highest-scoring teams, as the Space Monkey Mafia played host to the PMak Attack.  This was also the second-closest contest of the week, and when the smoke cleared, the PMak Attack pulled out a narrow 103.9 - 98.1 victory over my team.  PMak Attack got big games from Drew Brees, Andre Johnson, and Matt Forte, and the Mafia's trio of Marion Barber, Donovan McNabb, and Roddy White just couldn't quite match it.

The biggest blowout of the week pitted the team that scored the most points in the league this week against the team that scored the fewest.  (Yeah, that's usually how blowouts work, I know.)  The Hamburglars found themselves on the wrong end of the thumping, as they felt the wrath of the Angry Dragons to the tune of 114 - 43.7.  The Dragons got big games from Chad Pennington and Maurice Jones-Drew, while the Hamburglars got big performances. . .from their bench.  Namely Derek Anderson and Marvin Harrison, who combined for more points than the Hamburglars' entire starting lineup put up in Week 6.

The other games this week saw the the Rabble Rousers prolong the misery of the Garnet and Gold by the score of 98 - 64.15, dvikings1 knocking off whodat 84.1 - 56.4, and Gonzo's Friend's Team triumphing over Dani's Purple Team by a final of 79 - 58.5.

So, here's the current Power Rankings for the league at this point:

1)  UBB's Bombers (5-1, 1st Place, Page Division)
2)  PMak Attack (4-2, 1st Place, Tarkenton Division)
3)  dvikings1 (4-2, 3rd Place, Tarkenton Division)
4)  Angry Dragons (4-2, 2nd Place, Tarkenton Division)
5)  Space Monkey Mafia (3-3, 1st Place, Carter Division)
6)  Packers Suck (3-3, 2nd Place, Carter Division)

7)  Rabble Rousers (3-3, 3rd Place, Page Division)
8)  The Hamburglars (3-3, 2nd Place, Page Division)
9)  whodat (3-3, 3rd Place, Carter Division)
10)  Gonzo's Friend's Team (2-4, 4th Place, Tarkenton Division)
11)  Garnet & Gold (1-5, 4th Place, Carter Division)
12)  Dani's Purple Team (1-5, 4th Place, Page Division)

That's all for this update, folks.  Have a good rest of your Tuesday!