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Where Gonzo Blinds You. . .WITH SCIENCE!!

On the heels of the story I posted last night, I got this rather interesting mail from a gentleman at Kent State University in Ohio named John Spinda.  Here it is:

As an NFL fan, I enjoy the chance to read blogs whenever possible. Recently, I decided to conduct my dissertation on sports fans (NFL fans) perceptions each other, as well as winning and losing and how it affects fan behavior. As a part of this, I have decided that I could get much better feedback from NFL fans online than I could ever get from a room full of college students rushing through a survey for class points.  Therefore, I would like to ask you to assist me by providing a hyperlink to my online study and simply mentioning my study on your blog. Please understand this is non-profit, academic research that will be used for my dissertation, and then potentially journal articles, book chapters, and conference presentations.  Please feel free to browse (or even take) the questionnaire yourself. I would genuinely appreciate your support and want to thank you for your time. Here is a link to my study:

Well, it's social science, but it's science none the less.

But, yes, I encourage everyone to help Mr. Spinda out by taking his survey.  The first page of the questionnaire says that it takes 10-20 minutes to complete, which is no biggie.  It's a pretty interesting deal, all in all. . .really makes you take a look at yourself as a fan.

I realize that there hasn't been a whole lot on the Bears' game up here yet.  Since it's a three-day weekend here at the Gonzo house, that's officially going to change tomorrow.  We hope you'll be back Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to check out what we're bringing to you.  Until tomorrow morning, have a good one!