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E.J. Henderson Likely to Miss Vikings/Saints Game

The outstanding news just keeps rolling in for the Beloved Purple, as Access Vikings is reporting that standout MLB E.J. Henderson is likely going to miss this Monday's tilt with the New Orleans Saints.

Henderson has dislocated two toes on his left foot, and there's still a significant amount of swelling taking place.  And pardon me for saying so, but dislocated toes sound like something that would hurt like hell.  The fact that Henderson was out there for about 30 snaps in the Tennessee game with said injury says something about his toughness.

Through the first quarter of the season, Henderson has arguably been Minnesota's best defensive player, and is quickly becoming one of the best at his position in the entire league.  If he's out for any significant period of time, the defense is going to suffer.  He will likely be replaced in the lineup by David Herron, who started the game against the Titans.  It's not known if Henderson's injury is the reason why Herron started against Tennesee or if there's other factors involved.

I was hoping to not see something like this.  Henderson has been great to this point.  If this season has any chance of getting turned around, it's definitely going to be harder to do without a healthy #56 roaming the middle of the defense.