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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League: Bottoms Up!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay.  Had some internal issues with the site this morning that left me unable to post anything, and followed that up with a very busy afternoon, so I haven't been able to update your favorite Vikings' blog until just now.

But, anyway, I'm going to take this opportunity to do a quick update on the DN Fantasy Football League because. . .well, because it's late, and my brain is basically fried at the moment, so we'll take a quick look at the week that was and see where everyone currently stands.  There will be significantly more stuff over the weekend.  But, for now, here's the league update!

To do things a little differently from what we usually do, we'll start down at the bottom of the standings.  Right now, the team that's ranked #12 in the league is FSUViking's Garnet and Gold, and they had another rough week in Week #7.  Of course, that's happened to most teams that have faced UBB's Bombers this season, but the erstwhile Florida Staters actually gave the league leaders a run.  Looking at the league scoreboard, only one team scored fewer points than the Bombers in Week 7. . .unfortunately for the Garnet and Gold, they were that team, as they dropped their third straight to the tune of 56.55 - 43.25.  The loss dropped them to 1-6 (the Bombers went to 6-1), and ties them for the worst record in the league to this point.

The team they're tied with is Dani's Purple Team, led by VikingEric64.  But while the Garnet and Gold's losing streak reached 3 this past week, the Purple Team ran their streak to 5 with a 99.55 - 90.65 loss to the Angry Dragons.  The Purple Team's biggest mistake was having Jeff Garcia (23.3 points) on the bench with Kerry Collins (5.95 points) in the starting lineup.  The Purple Team couldn't hold up under the onslaught of Calvin Johnson, Ryan Grant, and Chad Pennington.  The Angry Dragons went to 5-2 with the win, and into the #2 spot in the overall league standings.

We got a new owner in the league this week, as TheKing took ver the group formerly known as Gonzo's Friend's Team.  Yes, the newly christened Elvis Budweiser VIII got themselves off on the right foot, as they got their second straight victory by defeating the Hamburglars 123 - 70.  Those 123 points gave ElBudVIII the high score for the week.  ElBudVIII got not one, but TWO 30+ point performances from Mewelde Moore and Steven Jackson. . .and had LenDale White sitting on the bench on top of that.  Having the Bears defense helped them as well.  Both teams now currently have records of 3-4 on the season.

The other games in the league this week saw a balanced attack from Packers Suck (4-3) take down the Rabble Rousers (3-4) by the final score of 88.75 - 78.25, whodat (4-3) blowing out the PMak Attack (4-3) 102.8 - 76.55, and the Space Monkey Mafia (4-3) defeating dvikings1 (4-3) to the tune of 94.2 - 69.9.

The current Power Rankings look like this:

1)  UBB's Bombers (6-1, 1st place, Page Division)
2)  Angry Dragons (5-2, 1st place, Tarkenton Division)
3)  PMak Attack (4-3, 3rd place, Tarkenton Division)
4)  Space Monkey Mafia (4-3, 1st place, Carter Division)
5)  Packers Suck (4-3, 2nd place, Carter Division)
6)  dvikings1 (4-3, 2nd place, Tarkenton Division)

7)  whodat (4-3, 3rd place, Carter Division)
8)  Elvis Budweiser VIII (3-4, 4th place, Tarkenton Division)
9)  Rabble Rousers (3-4, 3rd place, Page Division)
10)  Hamburglars (3-4, 2nd place, Page Division)
11)  Dani's Purple Team (1-6, 4th place, Page Division)
12)  Garnet & Gold (1-6, 4th place, Carter Division)

Next week's games feature the following matchups:

Space Monkey Mafia @ Rabble Rousers
whodat @ UBB's Bombers
Garnet & Gold @ Angry Dragons
Packers Suck @ Elvis Budweiser VIII
Hamburglars @ PMak Attack
Dani's Purple Team @ dvikings1