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Minnesota Vikings Become First Team in NFL History to Lose During Bye Week

Earlier on in the week, a story broke about members of the New Orleans Saints, specifically RB Deuce McAlister, DE Will Smith, and DE Charles Grant, tested positive for a diuretic and were facing four-game suspensions as a result.  There were also reports that numerous other players had tested positive for the same diuretic and were facing suspensions as well.

Well. . .Fox Sports' Jay Glazer has reported that among those "numerous other players" were Pat and Kevin Williams.

Not Pat OR Kevin Williams. . .Pat AND Kevin Williams.


Now, apparently, neither of the Williams' boys have had their appeals heard by the league yet and, with that being the case, the fact that their names are out there already represents "the most egregious violation of the NFL steroids policy," according to David Cornwell, who has been asked to represent many of the players involved in this incident in the appeal process.  I would tend to agree.  Cornwell's assertion that the only reason to leak this sort of information would be to harm the individuals involved and to tip the scales of justice is also, in my opinion, the correct one.  Until all of the appeals were heard and the official punishments were meted out, anyone that had this information should have kept their mouths closed.

It's also quite pathetic that, if these suspensions are upheld, Pat and Kevin Williams will now be placed in the same category as real dopers like Shawne Merriman and Rodney HGHarrison. . .you know, guys that took a drug that actually enhances performance.  If I thought for a minute that either Pat or Kevin Williams was actually taking steroids to enhance performance, it would be one thing. . .if that was (or even if that is) the case, they should both be punished.

But, come on. . .when you look at Pat Williams, do you immediately think "yeah, that guy's a roid monster?"  Honestly, now. . .this is garbage.  A couple of other names that have been leaked are Falcons' defensive tackle Grady Jackson (who is on the field today for Atlanta) and Texans' long snapper Bryan Pittman.

From a football standpoint, if the Vikings lose Pat and Kevin Williams for four games, then it's time to start looking for 2009, because I don't see us beating anybody with those two out of the lineup.

I don't even know what the hell else to say at this point, other than this is a bunch of crap and it's going to screw our entire season.  Discuss it here.  I might be back with more later if something else develops.