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Who Wants to Write For the Daily Norseman?

Well, here's the big announcement that I mentioned last night.

For the first time in the history of the site, I am offering sort of an "open tryout" for folks that want to see their name in lights as one of the featured writers here at The Daily Norseman.  If you've gone to some of the other SBNation sites, you'll notice that many of them have more than one person that contributes articles to the main portion of the page.  It's getting to be time for this site to take that step as well.

So, what I'm asking from anyone that's interested is for you to submit a writing sample to the normal e-mail address (DailyNorseman AT Gmail DOT com).  It should probably be a Vikings-related writing sample. . .whether you choose to make it about yourself as a Viking fan or something that's currently happening with the team is completely up to you.  I'm not going to try to be the proverbial "Grammar Nazi" or anything like that, but there are certain standards of stuff like punctuation, spelling, and grammar that need to be met for anyone interested in taking up this position.  If you already have a Vikings blog of your own, that doesn't necessarily disqualify you for taking a stab at this position yourself.

Keep in mind that being selected means that you'll be expected to contribute on a relatively consistent basis.  Not as frequently as I update or anything, mind you, but probably once or twice per week.  You could certainly do MORE, if you wanted, but that would be sort of the minimum.

I'll give everyone about a week or so to get samples submitted if they're interested.  After that, a couple of the more senior SBNation football bloggers and myself will look over the samples. . .we might even include a fan voting component of it as well. . .and offer a spot or spots to people that we think would make good contributors to the site.

So, if you feel you're up to the task of being a part of the best damn Vikings' blog on this here Interweb, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hopefully there will be more later on today.  Until then, continue enjoying your Wednesday, folks!