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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Update

Yes, after missing one week worth of updates (which I apologize for), here's a quickie update on the league.  I'm going to make this quick because I want to do an update on the Pick 'Em league as well.

As you no doubt noticed in his FanPost, UncleBillyBonz is still the owner of the league's only undefeated team, as his Bombers have run their record to 5-0 after the season's first five games.  They did get their biggest test of the season this past week, though, and only two teams in Week 5 scored fewer points than the Bombers.  Fortunately, one of those two teams was the Angry Dragons, who went down to the Bombers by a final score of 63.3 - 53.3.

While the Bombers have a 5-0 record, nobody else in the league has better than a 3-2 record at this point.  Six of the league's twelve teams have that mark thus far, including three of the four teams in the Tarkenton Division.  Also, the league's last winless team, Garnet and Gold, finally notched their first victory of the year, as they got a 99.45 - 92.05 victory over the PMak Attack back in Week 4.

As of right now, the teams are ranked as follows in the "Power Rankings."

1)  UBB's Bombers (5-0, 1st place, Page Division)
2)  PMak Attack (3-2, 1st place, Tarkenton Division)
3)  Space Monkey Mafia (3-2, 2nd place, Carter Division)
4)  dvikings1 (3-2, 3rd place, Tarkenton Division)
5)  The Hamburglars (3-2, 2nd place, Page Division)
6)  whodat (3-2, 1st place, Carter Division)
7)  Angry Dragons (3-2, 2nd place, Tarkenton Division)
8)  Packers Suck (2-3, 3rd place, Carter Division)
9)  Rabble Rousers (2-3, 3rd place, Page Division)
10)  Gonzo's Friend's Team (1-4, 4th place, Tarkenton Division)
11)  Garnet and Gold (1-4, 4th place, Carter Division)
12)  Dani's Purple Team (1-4, 4th place, Page Division)

No, I'm not sure how teams in second place in their divisions can be ranked ahead of first place teams.  That's just the way that Fleaflicker has the teams ranked.  I'm pretty sure that points scored plays a big part in that.

An update on the Pick 'Em league is forthcoming, folks.  Stay tuned!